Now Available for Per Diem and Contract Nursing Shifts

Introducing the GO HWS Mobile App , all-in-one App for Searching and Scheduling  Your Assignments.

Go HWS Mobile has real-time visibility of open shifts, as well as contract jobs, at locations across HealthTrust’s network. It’s designed specifically for the flexibility you need to schedule jobs while managing your busy life. 

Go HWS Mobile enables you to:
  • Search jobs by your specialty
  • Utilize a radius map to find desired job locations
  • Instantly book and confirm shifts
  • Apply to travel jobs of your choice
  • View your shift schedule
  • Log in using the same username and password from Workforce
  • Minimize calls with staffing offices

Keep YOUR SCHEDULE at your fingertips.

We built the new Go HWS Mobile app with you in mind. Take control of your schedule and book your next Assignment with the Go HWS app today!

Select Jobs that Fit Your Preferences

Find Assignments Based on Real-time Openings

Instantly Book Your Next Assignment

Choose from 1,000s of Contract Assignments

Exclusively With the Go HWS Mobile App

LIVE Real-time Visibility Into Available Shifts

Instantly Accept Our Best Shifts with Priority Booking

Search Our Open Positions by Specialty and Craft Your Next Opportunity

Stay Informed With Customized Notifications Tailored to Your Job Preferences

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DISCLAIMER: Selecting FaceID or Fingerprint recognition in settings does not collect any personal data or information. It is solely to enable your phone devices native FaceID and/or Fingerprint functionality to validate your identity at login to the application.


          Per Diem – Call 954-514-1215         

Contract – Call 954-514-1270