June 2021

Hugo Roberts, IT

“I contacted IT two days in a row for separate issues and Hugo answered both times. He is always so pleasant and willing to help. He even followed up with me later on in the day to check on one of my issues. I truly appreciate his dedication”


Aemilia Orial, West Florida

“Updated procedures were put into place, which required lots of organization and work by Aemi. She has been working many hours to ensure that the new process is implemented. Her teamwork and willingness to go the extra mile is appreciated.”


Humberto Rodriguez, IT

“I cannot praise Humberto enough. He is always happy to help me and always going above and beyond. He is always in a great mood. I cannot express how much I appreciate him and his help. I have called him so much, he knows my computer name without me telling him.”


Tina Jackson, Nashville

“Life would not be the same without Tina. Her amazing ideas, positivity and great attitude never goes unnoticed! She is a leading example, and I am so very grateful for her!”


Ellen Moses, Program Managers

“The ability to work with someone as positive and helpful as Ellen is a blessing. No matter the task given to her, she always displays a positive attitude and is always the first to ask if her teammates need assistance. Ellen is recognized for her positivity and ‘can do’ attitude not only by her co-workers, but our client and vendors as well. Keep up the good work. I cannot wait to see what 2021 has in store for her.”


Michael Heilman, West Florida

“Mike is doing an amazing job leading his team through the daily changes due to the COVID-19 crisis. He is strategic, organized and takes the time to educate on the ‘why’ to ensure everyone is better empowered to deliver to our clients and caregivers.”


Rida Jabbar, AP

“Rida is a great team player and I’m so glad that she is part of Vendor AP. Rida is one of those co-workers that is always there to help and share her knowledge. I see her volunteer to help with projects all the time, even when we are swamped with too much to do already. She definitely makes Vendor AP a great place to work.”


Gladys Falcones, Program Managers

“Gladys and I no longer worked on the team/client. However, anytime I reach out to Gladys for assistance with anything, she always helps and does so with a smile on her face. She went above and beyond for me during a recent incident and with her help, we obtained a positive outcome that made both the vendor and client happy. Gladys never fails to provide help to others and it is co-workers like her that make HWS great and make us all a team! Thank you, Gladys!”


Shawn McGhee, AP

“Shawn is always willing to help others and get involved in projects. He is passionate about process improvement, so he continuously brings ideas to the table to increase efficiency, automate tasks and practice lean processing principles. Recently, one of those ideas allowed our department to communicate closing instructions to our hundreds of vendor partners very quickly and efficiently. It is a pleasure having someone like Shawn in our team. Thanks for all that you do, Shawn!”


Becky Gritzke, Administration

“Becky is most definitely the go-to for assistance in getting things done. When all else fails, I go to Becky. Thank you for your guidance, leadership and willingness to help us get our jobs done. Your intervention and teaching of best practices is always appreciated.”


Christian Ortiz, Technology Operations

“Christian is the complete definition teamwork! I could not do my job without him. He is super responsive and is always willing to help! Thank you, Christian, for making HealthTrust great!”


Lisa Acevedo, Workforce Management

“Lisa took the time to leave us all individualized and personalized messages on each of our desks to welcome us back into the office. Each message was different and was in alignment with our personality and personal attributes. Each message was kind, thoughtful and inspirational. It was very much. Lisa, it’s the little things that you continuously do for us that make HWS as great as it is. I appreciate you beyond what I can even express and thank you for reminding me that I am stronger than I know myself to be. Thank you for all that you do!”


Tami Connell, Human Resources

“Tami is amazing at her job. Whenever I have a question, she makes it her mission to either know or find the answer. She is a valued business partner and a true professional. Her knowledge and professionalism are inspiring. She always has a positive and cheerful attitude no matter what. Thank you, Tami, for all that you do!”


Stephanie Ross, Staffing Operations

“Stephanie has been a valuable resource to our travel team over the past year. Having her knowledge and guidance has been an asset and has helped our recruiters learn our business and processes, while achieving success. She is our go-to person when we need answers and is always there when needed. Thank you, Stephanie, for being so dedicated!”


Alexandria Bruns, Credentialing

“Ali went above and beyond to assist me with one of my candidates. To ensure that the job was properly done, she asked me to direct message her rather than calling back into Credentialing. She showed a tremendous amount of teamwork and cared for the candidate’s issue to be resolved in a timely manner! She definitely deserves a shout-out! Thanks for all that you do!”


Natascha Hansen, Dallas

“Natascha is always there to answer questions and assist when needed. She is very prompt with following up any escalations and concerns. Thank you for always being available and being such a great leader to our team.”


Hugo Roberts, IT

“Hugo was very pleasant, patience, professional and understanding. Hugo was able to solve the issue in no time. I was glad to be back on the phones. Thank you, Hugo, keep up the good work.”


Trenesse Wade, Recruitment

“I’m blown away with the impact Trenesse has made in various lines of business including Emergency Response! She has done a fantastic job assisting her candidates throughout the hiring process while providing the best experience for them as their recruiter. She has shown tremendous hard work since she started and I’m proud to work alongside her every day!”


BrIttany Gibson, Dallas

“Brittany always has such a great attitude. She steadily encourages me and everyone else to strive for success. She hears you when you speak to her and shows understanding. She is all around just great to be working with!”


Todd Walker, Dallas

“Todd has always been reliable when it comes to taking care of things behind the scenes. I love the fact that he always tags me on emails if a candidate inquires for contracts, has kronos or pay issues issues or just needs something simply addressed. I like that he always keeps me in the loop. As a recruiter, the relationships we build with our candidates is very important. So even once our candidates have been cleared for work they deserve the confidence and engagement from our entire team to make their transition into the per diem world as smoothly as possible. I can always rest assure that Todd will continuously keep me up-to-date on important matters and treat all my candidates with respect, professionalism and kindness. Thank you again for all that you do!”


Renwick Smith, Dallas

“Renwick has made sure to have all of our new hires’ badge made and mailed. He always has a great attitude and makes sure to be at the office for travelers to pick up scrubs.”


Danielle Latimore, Houston

“Danielle is great at helping others and always takes the time to help on any task!”


Onboarding Team

“The Onboarding Team has been so supportive during the last few weeks. Transitioning from staffing specialist to staffing recruiter has been different and they’ve been helpful during the times I’ve needed them. Thank you for stepping up!”


Jenny Buhrow, West Florida

“Jenny is my ‘go to person’ for not only onboarding questions, but for any question I may have. She gets the job done, and I know I can always rely on her if need be. Jenny is always willing to help out! She not only a huge help with getting my nurses files cleared, but the nurses appreciate her just as much as I do!. I am thankful to have her on my team.”


David Berg, Human Resources

“David has been a pleasure to work with through large amount of changes over the last 6 months. His patience and calmness are contagious and his organized approach to situations has made our teams’ lives much easier. He is always available, polite and helpful. David, I appreciate you and your guidance so much. Thank you!”


Ryan Szmiga, Sunrise Staffing

“Ryan is always available to help with anything. I can instant message him anytime of the day and he is always there to help. Working remote has been easy with him as a teammate.”


Thadius Sankey, Program Managers

“Thadius has been helpful and a positive influence on managing my desk. He has provided great tips on how to manage and has covered for me while I have been out on PTO. Coming back to my desk was seamless. Thank you for everything you have done.”


Carla Gonzalez, Infra-shared Services Ops

“Carla is a great example of what it takes to be a team player! She is always ready to assist with any task that needs support and shows the willingness to be flexible in order to accomplish team goals. Carla goes above and beyond in her efforts to ensure consistency and team collaboration. Her unwavering and winning mentality contributes to the success of the Finance Shared Services team on a daily basis. You are appreciated!”


Emily Turner, Nashville

“Emily is so reliable and knowledgeable. She dives headfirst into projects and always delivers. She is a great communicator and follows through on her promises to nurses and coworkers. She is such an asset to the team, and I am so glad that I have the opportunity to work with her.”


Kevin Marzilli, Administration

“I don’t know how Kevin does what he does and has time to do it all and timely! Anytime I have sent him a request, a question or a concern, he answers immediately and with the best attitude ever! You will never catch him on a rush. He always makes time for everyone!”


Philip Ratledge, IT

“Every time I need Philip’s help on adding partners to client projects, he always responds back to me in a timely manner to assist me. I appreciate your hard work, Philip!”


Laurie Faskowitz, Human Resources

“Thank you, Laurie, for being highly engaged and providing an exceptional experience on every encounter. Your high sense of urgency is truly appreciated.”


Chelsea Hensley, Human Resources

“Chelsea is thorough, concise and accurate in providing updates. I truly admire her follow up and exceptional communication skills. Thank you for always making me feel your smile each time that we connect.”


Ryan Van Heijzen, IT

“Ryan is the example of ‘team work’. It does not matter the issue you have, he will keep working until he gets it resolved. It is such a pleasure to work with him and know that if ‘Ryan is on it’, it will get resolved. He is quite an asset to the IT department and HWS.”


Nelson Sola, AP

“Nelson is an outstanding team player. Nelson is able to juggle priorities from task to task. He has been helping another department and doing his regular job, transitioning back and forth with ease. He is thorough in his work and quietly shares his knowledge with others to help elevate the team as a whole. Thank you, Nelson, we are so glad to have you on our team!”


Jenna Lex, Recruitment

“Jenna was so kind during my first week. She gave me a binder filled with helpful resources for the Florida market. Thanks again, Jenna!”


Sylvia Weg-Swezy, Travel Infrastructure

“Syl is the consummate team player. She is selfless with her time and always does whatever she can to help others be better at their job. Her energy and passion for the business is infectious as is her smile. Thanks, Sylvia, for the amazing work that you do every day!”


Tina Jackson, Nashville

“Tina has a way of effectively managing the business while making you feel good about what you are doing. She has the right mix of being stern and supportive. I appreciate her positive attitude, incredible commitment and work ethic. We are lucky to have her on our team!”


Stephanie Ross, Staffing Operations

“Stephanie has been a valuable resource to our travel team over the past year. Having her knowledge and guidance has been an asset and has helped our recruiters learn our business and processes, while achieving success. She is our go-to person when we need answers and is always there when needed. Thank you, Stephanie, for being so dedicated!”


Steven Blandon, Recruitment

“Thank you for being so selfless and taking time out to train your fellow colleagues on becoming subject matter experts by using Calendly! Your passion is seen in helping others succeed!”


Kymberly Villarreal, Houston

“I can always count on Kym to collaborate with me to solve exceptions, bonus and shift inquiries. Thank you, Kym, for always being being a team player.


Ivanna Kaufman, Recruitment

“Ivanna has been extremely patient and helpful with any questions ever thrown her way. Her work ethic is exceptional and she always makes sure to go above and beyond to hit her goals. She is an absolute pleasure to work with and I appreciate all that she does for myself and this team.”


Sandra Rodriguez, Sunrise Staffing

“Transitioning into new job duties is not always easy at first but being trained by someone who truly wants you to be successful is the best way. Anytime I have a question or need help, Sandra has responded quickly and is very detailed in her answers. I have been able to transition into my new job duties because of her. Sandra has shown true teamwork. Thank you, Sandra!”


Trenika Henry, Program Managers

“Trenika is an amazing team player! She is always available to help whenever I need her! Thank you for being the best part of HealthTrust, Trenika! Kudos!”


Vanessa Nealy, Dallas

“Vanessa is always willing to help out with any issues to help the team.”


Jennifer Doing, Dallas

“There is not enough time or words that I will be able to describe Jennifer. Jennifer has been so helpful during my growth here. I truly look up to her as a mentor. Jennifer has a ‘get it done’ attitude, in which I love. I have learned so much just being involved with her from day-to-day. Whenever there is an issue, she is always there with a solution. She definitely deserves a to receive the recognition. She is such an inspiring person. Thanks, Jennifer!”


Shayian Abdullah, Houston

“Shayian never has any hesitation when it comes to helping the team out. He has grown not only as an individual, but a team player.”


Todd Walker, Dallas

“Todd is always available and ready to help! He is great with candidates and ensuring he helps them with any problem that they may have. If he does not have the answer, he will definitely try and connect them with someone who can answer it for them! We are so lucky to have you on the team. Go Todd!”


Kevin Ellenbogen, Recruitment

“Kevin has shown immense growth since the first day he has started. Between his exceptional conversations with his candidates to his dedication to them throughout the hiring process, Kevin has grown into a fantastic recruiter. I am extremely proud of his hard work and honored to be his colleague. I wish him the best of luck in his new role. Thank you, Kevin, for making HealthTrust great.”

Don Sparrow, IT

“On Christmas morning, I received a call from Don Sparrow about the servers in our office being down. Despite it being Christmas and Holiday weekend, Don and the team worked tirelessly to help get alternate solutions for our employees and clients. Don kept us very informed and had such a pleasant attitude. Don and the team were able to get us operational very quickly and were a pleasure to work with.”


Ralph Scheker, Administration

“Ralph is extremely responsive and highly engaged! I appreciate the rapid approach and the level of service that he has to ensure there are no delays in our business. He is result driven and ensures timely delivery. Thank you, Ralph, for making HWS great!”


Judi Brett, West Florida

“Judi has been amazing during this whole pandemic and even before that. She is truly a team leader. She is there for everyone whether it’s work related or if you have something personal that you just need someone to talk to. Judi is the ‘House mother’ of our office and we all appreciate her so much. There is absolutely nobody that could fill her shoes.”


Jenna Tassi, MSP

“Jenna has been and continues to be an outstanding program manager to work alongside with. Informal, patient, professional and supportive are only a few words to describe her. She is an overall delightful co-worker.”


Katie Gallagher, Richmond

“Katie is always resourceful. She has helped me understand the processes and responds quickly to my questions.”


Chantal Lamay, MSP

“Chantal was recently roped into a project with me that lasted many weeks. She was extremely flexible, helpful, patient and maintained a positive attitude throughout the entirety of the project. I am so very grateful to have her support and very impressed with her perseverance. Chantal, keep up the good work! You’re going places!”


David Suriel, Technology Operations

“David is always a joy to work with. He keeps me laughing while quickly responding to the situation with solutions. Thank you, David, for always coming through with a positive attitude in all that you do.”


Julia Thorby, MSP

“We have a client that asks for specialized reports and Julia is our go to person for creating those reports. Julia is always pleasant, quick to respond and is extremely efficient. Julia plays an instrumental part in the confidence and success we have with this client. Thank you, Julia, for always being so helpful!”


Michael Heilman, West Florida

“Michael went above and beyond to make sure our team has been running smoothly. He has shown us what the true meaning of what makes HealthTrust GREAT! We could not be as proud as we are today with Michael leading us to the end of a pandemic year as well as new beginnings in 2021. Michael, we appreciate you and we will support you until the end. Keep up the great work! Thank you for showing how you care for our team!”


Arlene Aceituno, Administration

“Arlene is such an asset to our overall HealthTrust team! She is always quick to reply and provide answers or documents as needed. There have been times that I’ve been on a call and needed a contract right away where Arlene has come to my rescue! Thank you so much, Arlene, for always being there to support us and for going above and beyond. You are an absolute pleasure to work with.”


Davion Moxam, Travel Infrastructure

“Davion is the example we should all strive for in being a team player. Davion’s reliability, knowledge and follow through is exemplary. Good luck Davion in your new role, you have earned it and I know you will succeed in your new venture with HWS. Thank you for all that you have done.”


Cassandra Liberius, Recruitment

“Cassandra is beyond incredible. She not only has the patience to answer each and every question, but she is also there to provide emotional support through turbulent times. Throughout 2020 and the start of 2021, Cassandra’s advice has kept me grounded and centered, allowing me to complete all necessary tasks and requests. If not for Cassandra’s kind words and moments of encouragement, I would not be where I am today. Thank you, Cassandra, for making HWS as incredible as it is! You are amazing in every which way.”


Jessica Galvez-Alsawi, Sunrise Staffing

“Jessica brings something to work every day that we all need, a positive attitude. Regardless of how the day is going for her, she finds a way to see the positive and never lets anything slow her down from getting things done. Her work ethic and drive are admirable. Thanks for all that you do, Jessica!”


Heather Serrano, San Antonio

“Heather is always so pleasant to talk to. She is always willing to help when I have a question or need assistance. Thank you so much for being an amazing trainer and for always going above and beyond for your team.”


Adriene Tanguma, Austin

“Adriene is awesome! Thank you so much for all of the extra work that you do to make sure your facilities and candidate’s are taken care of in the Austin market. Also, thank you for always keeping me informed and being willing to go the extra mile to keep things running smoothly. You are a valuable asset to our team!”


Taylor Estelle, Dallas

“Taylor has been very helpful.”


Todd Walker, Dallas

“Thank you, Todd, for assisting Priya and the Houston Team with regards to PCF while I was out. We greatly appreciate you!”


Cassandra Liberius, Recruitment

“Cassandra is such a bubbly human being that I enjoy working with. She has a great attitude and always ensures to go above and beyond to assist others. You are such a joy to be around and I am extremely grateful for all that you do for myself and our team!”


Steven Blandon, Recruitment

“Steven is always willing to go above and beyond to keep us up-to-date on information and is always willing to escalate issues. He is a natural born leader and I really appreciate him as a teammate. He always makes me feel supported. It’s always nice having a teammate that has your best interest in mind at all times.”


Elsie Paul, Program Managers

“Elsie is always available when I need her. Even though we do not manage the same client, she is a valuable resource for me and we use each other’s experiences as learning opportunities. We strategize together on how to improve our facilities and I appreciate her listening ear more than she will ever know. Kudos to Elsie!”


Jennifer Sanchez, Program Managers

“Jennifer is phenomenal! She is very dedicated and hardworking. She puts forth 110% in order to clear files on time. I appreciate her efforts and unwavering commitment to the team. She is truly a rockstar!”


Priya Bedi, Houston

“Priya is a pillar to the Houston Staffing Office in support of the San Antonio and Gulf Coast divisions. Her ‘can-do’ mentality and ability to relate to our nurses is exceptional. Just ‘thank you’ is not enough.”


Annabella Vazquez, Recruitment

“I appreciate you taking the time to help me learn my new role with constant willingness to teach me along the way. You have made the process extremely smooth! Annabella has been more than happy to lend a helping hand whenever I need it. Thank you, Annabella, for all of your hard work, patience and support! I look forward to continuing to work together.”


Jessica Shown, Houston

“Jessica has a bubbly personality and is always smiling, which lights up any room (virtual for now!). She is a hard worker, takes thorough notes and learns very quickly. I appreciate her attention to detail and fast follow-up to all of her RP candidates!”


Margie Trimino, Travel Infrastructure

“Margie, you are awesome. It does not matter when you call Margie for a question or guidance in doing what needs to get done, Margie is always there with a great attitude and getting to the ‘solution’ of the issue you may be having. She is knowledgeable, approachable and just a great lady. Thank you, Margie, for being you.”