HealthTrust Workforce Solutions provides a variety of contract labor management solutions to HCA Healthcare affiliated facilities. This digital Pocket Guide services as a quick reference of contact information from our various departments and service lines. 


This department manages the accounting and financial reporting of contract labor and other HWS allocations to HCA Healthcare Facilities

Ryan Kiral, AVP, Finance

Advisory Services

HWS consultants use data-rich analytics and proven methodologies to design smarter workforce staffing and performance solutions measured against financial and operational benchmarking data to identify areas for workforce optimization.

Rich Lopez, VP, InSight Advisory Services


Clinical Operations

As nurse leaders within HWS, we partner with our colleagues to promote clinical excellence throughout the communities we serve. HealthTrust advocates on behalf of our ultimate client, the patient, ensuring that they receive the highest quality, cost-effective care in a professional, compassionate, and ethical environment. 

Shaun McCamant, Chief Nursing Officer

Cheryl Smith, Director, Clinical Operations (East Florida & Capital)

Cindy Watkins, Director, Clinical Operations (South Atlantic & Gulf Coast)

Linda Dailey, Director, Clinical Operations (North Florida & West Florida)

Jason Jenkins, DVP (North Carolina)

Jeremy Legg, Director, Clinical Operations (TriStar & San Antonio)

Misha Perreault, DVP (Mountain)

Patty McGuffin, AVP (Far West, MidAmerica & Continental)

Vicki Storms, Director, Clinical Operations (Central and West Texas & North Texas)

Jamie Anderson, Director, Clinical Operations (Education)


Contracts Administration

This department manages all aspects of contracting of HWS including support for Client needs for Contract Labor, and Vendor Partners to provide the services. We also play a strong role in other types of service contracts including Marketing and Education. 

Danielle Kisslan, Director, Contracts Administration



The HWS Education Department satisfies The Joint Commission and other regulatory, legal and HCA Healthcare competence, confidence, critical thinking/problem solving skills and time management.

Tony Mangola, VP, Education


Emergency Response

This team spearheads the HWS efforts for response to any disaster impacting HCA Healthcare . They are responsible for the deployment and logistics for all HWS deployed resources and HCA Healthcare volunteers. They manage the setup in the system, credentialing, facility accesses and payroll activities for the HWS employees. In addition, the team manages the deployment and logistics for HCA Healthcare volunteers. 

Christina Hall, AVP, Enterprise Operations

Ethics & Compliance

Ethics & Compliance assists with ensuring HWS is compliant with HCA Healthcare Compliance Program Requirements. Additionally, Ethics & Compliance communicates compliance standards, coordinates and ensures completion of required compliance training, advises colleagues on ethical and compliance related matters, conducts investigations and endures there is no retribution for good faith reporting.

Stephanie Tice, Ethics & Compliance Officer


Finance Shared Services

This department manages the accounts payable, payroll and billing of contract labor and other HWS allocations to HCA Healthcare facilities. 

Traci Phillips VP of Finance, Shared Services


Human Resources

The HR team is responsible for the overall effectiveness of HR initiatives, policies, processes, systems and programs to create and reinforce high performance leaders and employees.

Angelique Douty, VP, Human Resources


Interim Leadership

This department places all levels of leadership needs throughout HCA Healthcare. The Interim Leadership team collaborates to identify the needs of the facilities and submit qualified leaders for extended contracts in both clinical and consultative capacities. Once identified, they work directly with candidates to assist with credentialing, licensing, and travel needs as the situation dictates. 

Brandi Vines, VP, Interim Leadership


ITG Local Access Coordinators

The LSC is responsible for granting or terminating access to all clinicians and non-clinical systems.

LSC Contact Information


Escalation Contact: Javier Rodriguez

2nd Level Escalation: Stephanie Smith 

3rd Level Escalation: Ruddy Rodriguez

ITG Service Desk

The Service Desk is responsible for resolving all information Technology (IT) incidents and service requests, communicating with the customer and interfacing with all other IT teams required to solve all service interruptions. This includes any Workforce 2.0-technology related support. Hours of operations are 24 hours a day, Monday through Friday and on-call service is provided on the weekends and holidays. 

Client Services Contact Information:

Escalation Contact: Ruddy Rodriguez

2nd Level Escalation Contact: Luis Navas

Local (Per Diem)

Regional HWS offices support the Per Diem staffing and local contract orders across the country. Each region can have multiple offices and within those offices are the functions of Recruiting, Onboarding and Staffing. 

Sunrise and St. Petersburg Staffing Offices
(Divisions Supported: East, North and West Florida)

Brandon Maravich, RVP

Sunrise, FL – Regional Office

St. Petersburg – Regional Office

Nashville Staffing Office
(Divisions Supported: TriStar, MidAmerica, Capital, South Atlantic and
North Carolina-Mission)

John Lowe, RVP

Nashville, TN – Regional Office

Dallas and Houston Staffing Offices
(Divisions Supported: North Texas, Central & West Texas, San Antonio and Gulf Coast)

Brad Andreas, RVP

Dallas, TX – Regional Office

Houston, TX – Regional Office

Denver Staffing Office
(Divisions Supported: Continental, Far West and Mountain)

Jimmy White, RVP

Denver, CO – Regional Office
800.544.2208 (for surgical services and contracts)

Alternatively, you are welcome to reach out to your assigned Account Manager, Program Management Office (PMO) team or local Director of Staffing should you need assistance. 

Locum Tenens

This department handles the physician contract labor needs throughout HCA Healthcare. Internal physician recruiters match qualified candidates to short and long term clinical needs throughout the enterprise to assist with personnel shortages. Once identified, they work directly with candidates to assist with credentialing, licensing and travel needs as the situation dictates.

Clay Walker, VP, Locums Delivery


Managed Clinical Services

HWS Provides Vascular Access Services and subject matter expertise to HCA Healthcare and Non-HCA healthcare facilities. Services include Vascular Access Procedures such as a Peripheral Inserted Central Catheter or Midline Catheter insertions, etc. The team focuses on quality delivery of procedures with reduction of infections. The service line collaborates with HCA Clinical Services and Supply Chain to identify and attain best practices. The service is deployed in multiple divisions in the American and National Groups of HCA Healthcare. 

In addition, HWS recruits and provides HCA Healthcare facilities across the country with experienced Dialysis RNs that can assist in enhancing patient care. 

Chris Frith, AVP, Managed Clinical Services


HWS Marketing strives to elevate our brand within the healthcare marketplace and enhance the organization’s ability to make patient care connections. From workforce solutions to recruitment, we partner together to create integrated marketing campaigns that move our business forward and cultivate a well-loved brand. 

Charisse Winter, VP, Marketing

MSP Implementation

This team of project managers oversee implementations of new MSP programs and incremental expansions and MSP program delivery projects for facility acquisitions and divestitures. The team also supports Workforce 2.0 VMS program enhancement projects.

Avery Houdek, Director, MSP Implementation

Permanent Placement

Our unique blend of back-office sourcing, targeted marketing programs, expert recruiters and pre-negotiated leveraged Staffing Partner agreements ensures that your vacancies receive maximum exposure and deliver only the most qualified candidates. We help you find the physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, nurses, allied and management personnel that you need. 

Lisa Acevedo, VP, Permanent Placement


Professional Development Group (PDG)

The Professional Development Group’s mission is to contribute to the overall success of HWS and its employees in an agile and passionate way, by consistently aligning efforts with the organization’s commitment to the delivery of patient care. This team strives to help each HealthTrust employee discover and achieve their potential. 

John Ruffini, VP, Professional Development


StaRN is the accelerated comprehensive and integrative evidence based training, orientation and onboarding component of the HCA Nurse Residency Program. StaRN nurse graduates and StarTech technicians are enabled to start working independently and more quickly becoming a productive team member in your unit. Results seen are improved competence, confidence, critical thinking/problem solving skills and time management. 

Tony Mangola, VP, Education

MSP Program Management & Travel Recruitment

The Program Management Office (PMO) manages all stages of travel and international contract labor.

Once approved, positions are filled primarily from our HealthTrust Employed Resources or from our Strategic Staffing Partners. Once a candidate is selected and confirmed, the PMO manages the credentialing process, working with our Credentialing Department to ensure compliance, prior to the confirmed start date.

HCA Healthcare Clinical PMO 

Eddie Parizek, GVP, MSP Operations (National Group)
O: 954.514.1533
C: 954.326.9995

HCA Healthcare Clinical PMO

Billie Mosley, GVP, American MSP Operations (American Group)

Non-Clinical PMO

Keri James, AVP, MSP Operations (American Group)

Travel Recruitment

Tim Bollinger, VP, Travel Recruitment

Verified Professionals

HealthTrust Workforce Solutions serves as a third-party vendor credentialing provider for HCA Healthcare. Born from decades of real-world experience, it reliably credentials the widest range of healthcare professionals – from Staffing Partner representatives and technicians to nurses and other non-employee clinicians. Industry-leading, proprietary technology ensures the highest levels of transparency for Staffing Partner compliance and operational audits. Developed in a collaborative environment, the technology and registration processes are intuitive and streamlined to achieve more efficient and reliable registration and credentialing. 

Jackie Bravo, Director of Credentialing

Executive Leadership

Brendan Courtney, President and CEO
O: 954.514.1401 
M: 410.627.1907

Jennifer Chemtov, CFO
O:  954.514.1605

Paul Tymchuk, CIO

Shaun McCamant, CNO, Clinical Operations

Howie Arnold, Legal Operations
O:  615.807.8085

Steve Wright, SVP, Field Operations & Delivery
O:  954.514.1577

Jim Davis, SVP, Strategic Accounts & MSP

Tony Pentangelo, EVP, Managed Services
O:  954.514.1603

Angelique Douty, VP, Human Resources
O:  954.514.1606

Rich Lopez, VP, Advisory Services
O:  615.807.8072

Stephanie Tice, Ethics & Compliance Officer

O: 954.412.7721

Charisse Winter, VP Marketing
O:  954.514.1668